Exhibits featuring new work by Artists’ Own members and invited artists

2019 Exhibits and Events

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Jun 21 – Jul 11

Nature and Nurture - Both Sides Now
Margaret Favorite & Patricia Favorite Ritchie

Mother Nature imparts a vast array of lessons for those who make time to study her beauty. The repeating patterns in the sand, water, and cloud create a sense of unity, and the wind that sculpts and etches makes every moment a fresh visual and visceral experience. We are never alone in this world, for each of us has two mothers who form and teach us. Raised in the same nurturing environment with three older sisters, fraternal twins Patty and Peggy Favorite contributed for decades to the world of music. Now in their renaissance, they explore new means of expression. Nature and Nurture – Both Sides Now showcases a lifelong love of natural beauty in drawing, painting, and fiber.

Patricia Favorite Ritchie
Reveling in Mother Nature’s colors and textures help me feel I have a special place in this world. “Peace of Sky” artwork reflects many moods of our amazing Mother Nature. She weaves tapestries through the wind, earth, water, and time, beckoning us to feel her power and enduring rhythms. As I respond to her mind-bending intricacies and vivid colors, I try to portray the emotional yearning to be connected with her dance of life.

Margaret Favorite
Cloth both protects us from harsh weather and allows us to embrace it. I choose patterns and color combinations found in nature to create garments and textiles that nurture and comfort. My goal is to make the practical beautiful and the beautiful, practical, so we can always be wrapped in natural beauty. As I create, I connect to a rich ancestry of knitters and weavers and make my own contribution to that enduring tradition.

Closing Reception: Jul 11
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Jul 18 – Aug 17

Zach Medlar

Opening Reception: Jul 19
Gallery Walk 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Aug 22 – Sep 14

100 Paintings
Dan Annarino

Opening Reception: Aug 23
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Sep 19 – Oct 19

Joanne Kuhn Titolo and Guests

Opening Reception: Sep 27
Gallery Walk 6:00 - 9:00 pm