Victoria Bollock

Artist’s Statement

I was a child who loved to draw. This quickly developed into experimenting with oil painting (I didn’t like it), pastels (I loved it), and watercolors (remember the little black tins filled with colored paint?). As a young girl, I rushed home from school each day to listen to The Lone Ranger while I designed dresses with my paintbrushes and colored pencils! Years later as a young mom I was privileged to be the fashion illustrator for a local department store’s daily newspaper ads, working at home at night after my kids were asleep.

I also filled canvases with my medium of choice, acrylic paints. It was a challenge to take my pictures to furniture stores who in turn sold them to their patrons. Later I opened a graphic design agency, creating logos, branding, and advertising for a wide variety of clients. I love to design anything, but especially clothing - hand dyed, painted, unique and artful. With my heart, I am grateful to God for the gift He has given me and for the opportunity to develop it.