Mike McNeil

Artist Bio

I completed an Art Major with an emphasis in painting at Southeast MO State College in Cape Girardeau, MO. Attended Washington University in St Louis MO, and took graduate classes in drawing and painting. I have paintings in private collections in: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, IA, LA, MO, NE, TX, & WA. Corporate Collections include: Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Heartland Bank and Trust, Harmer and Associates, Iowa School Board State Headquarters, Heritage Enterprises, Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Guthoff Accounting, Advocate Bro Menn, IL Westminster, and Town of Normal IL.

My primary media is water based (acrylic and watercolor); however, I use almost anything available in the studio: oil paints, pencil, shoe polish, chalk, epoxy, markers. If it works for the effect I’m after, it’s on the canvas.

As with most other artists, I am seeking a broader public validation of my artistic view. Most of my work is about Edges, Frames, & Filters. Frames, because the act of recording something, painting, music, a script, are all methods of "framing" an idea. Edges, because all of the edges are artificially imposed, the painting edge along with the field edge, house edge, the edge of the automobile window, etc. And Filters, from all perspectives. Landscapes are my primary subject. I am the first filter, and you are the second.

Studio 511 Ferry, Lafayette IN
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