Ellen Germann

Artist’s Statement

As far back as I can remember, color, texture and design have been important in my life. I began knitting at the age of 8, taught by my mother. At 13, my grandmother taught me to crochet. It was natural, therefore, for me to agree, in the mid 1980s, to join a friend who wanted to attend a weaving class at the Manchester Institute of Art. I studied there for 3 years and then launched off on my own, purchasing my first loom and designing my own weavings.

I am, at the very depth of my being, a rug weaver. I own 4 rug looms that allow me to weave simple and intricate rugs of varying structure. Beyond the rugs, I weave articles that are useful directly off the loom - towels, scarves, table runners, blankets and wall hangings. Recently I have become interested in weaving items that need more finishing such as purses and transparent curtains.

In 2011 I began teaching weaving at the YWCA and in 2013, moved the studio to a dedicated space in our new home, naming it Moss Creek Weaving Studio. I teach new weavers the beginning skills necessary and then provide space and looms for them to continue to grow. The statement I hear most in support of the work I do is; “I come here for the weaving but even more for the companionship.” Weavers in my studio help each other with design, color choice, weaving issues and finishing ideas. There is always lots of laughter during our days together and great celebration with every completed project. The weavers push me to try new things with their color combinations and their creative designs.

Passing down the techniques of this very old craft, practiced in every culture, gives me great joy. Seeing the delight on the faces of people who receive my weavings affirms my sense of design and color.