S. Darlene Mitchell

Artist Bio

Darlene is a native of Montgomery County, Indiana. As a child wandering the woods, creeks, barns was the beginning of her journey. The awe and wonder for the beauty of nature, opened a door and interest in art. The art and nature came together and created relationships of color, design and movement led to the mysterious path of her life’s endless journey. Later in life, Darlene moved to West Lafayette to pursue her interest in education and her passion for art at Purdue University. While there, Darlene received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Art degrees. Darlene was selected was selected with ten applicants from many applicants in the mid-west for a special internship to work for a semester at University of Indiana with the renowned artist, Judy Chicago. Art has been an interest, endeavor, and desire of hers for many years (although she hates to measure time in years). Darlene strives to infuse her work with passion and emotion so her work, whatever medium she uses, will invoke conversation between her, the art, and the viewer.

Darlene has art works in many private and public collections. She has been active in solo and group shows, has taught art at Purdue University, and is active in teaching and in attending art residencies in the community. Darlene was one of the founding members of Lafayette’s gallery, Artists’ Own. And now, Darlene is searching for that next bread crumb on the path of an endless journey, to inspire painting, drawing, sculpture in a studio at the Bindery Studios at 511 Main Street, Lafayette, IN.