Anita Krug

Artist’s Statement

I call myself a “fiber artist” and often explain that I make art with fibers, in particular wall quilts and wearable art. While I enjoy geometry, rulers, lines and angles I often let my curiosity take over with ”what would happen if?” and I break from traditional rules. The possibility of different kinds of fiber art then explodes. One of my wall quilts is the metamorphosis of a basic log cabin block that changes itself to a flying geese log cabin, which changes into a pineapple log cabin. That one I worked out on the computer and then pieced it.

Creating the art fabric is an integral part of the quilts and wearables that I make. Dyeing fabric is a lot of physical labor, but so much can learned about color and transparency and I can create fabric that is totally my own style and methods. I call dyeing an “adventure” because there are many creative variables.

A wide range of different techniques that re often layered are employed to create my fiber art. My first process is often multi-color dyeing. Then, I remove some of the color with a fiber compatible agent, over-dye, paint, stamp, stitch, couch, and layer, until the piece says it is finished.

Artist’s Bio

Anita is a fiber artist. She is known for her art quilts and wearable art. She has been teaching quilting and dyeing classes to adults for 25 years and has received grants to provide art programs to elementary and middle school students.

Anita’s award winning work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, travelling to shows in Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands.

She is a founding member of Artists’ Own in Lafayette where her work is available.