Exhibits featuring new work by Artists’ Own members and invited artists

2018 Exhibits and Events

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Jul 16 - Sep 1

Art from the Loom

Ellen Germann, Dorothy Baker, Peggy Favorite, Emma Reith, Rita Sacrens, Ryoko Marti, Karen Countryman, Donna Hudson, Bev Larson, and Dagmar Frerking

Weaving is an ancient craft practiced in almost every culture. For generations, every home had a loom upon which was made the cloth that the family used for clothing, bedding, and household items. Today, very few people continue to weave, going instead to the local store or online resource to purchase those needed items. Those who do continue to weave, do so out of love of the craft and a delight in the many complex designs they can create using the wide variety of yarns available. In the Lafayette area, we are fortunate to have many talented weavers. This exhibit will feature just a few of them. You will see woven art in the form of wearables and household goods as well as beautiful wall art and floor art.

In addition to loom woven art, you will also see woven baskets - another ancient art form that is practiced today by only a few.

Reception: Jul 20
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Along with July Gallery Walk

Jul 20

Gallery Walk 6 - 9 pm

Sep 10 - Oct 13

Devastating Beauty / 1000 Thanks
Guest Artist: Nina Cunningham

Nina Cunningham

In the devastation - there is a thread of hope that can lead one to forgiveness and gratitude and in that, there is beauty.

Reception: Sep 21
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Along with September Gallery Walk

Sep 21

Gallery Walk 6 - 9 pm