Al Knight


Al Knight holds a Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science (Organizational Development) from Purdue University. Mr. Knight was on the staff of Purdue University for nearly 30 years, holding the position since 1981 of Director of Training and Leadership Development. He retired from Purdue in May 2004. He served as an adjunct instructor for the College of Technology through the spring of 2015. As a photographer, he is self-taught.

Al is a co-owner of Artists’ Own (an artist cooperative) in Lafayette, Indiana and a member of Indiana Artisans.

Artist Statement and Exhibit Focus

“I seek to occupy rooms not yet occupied and to open doors not yet opened. I confront objects straight on. I search for a unique perspective. I enjoy the simplicity of our past and how our society when necessary can survive, cope, and then prosper in spite of economic depressions, horrific wars, and natural calamities. I want to save what is left. I portray ordinary items as items of interest rather than items of junk.”

Objects that I photograph can be found as close as the county courthouse and as far away as Sa Dec Vietnam. My collection represents the countries to which I have travelled, and the beauty that I have encountered.